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Industrial Lubricants

Bio-Ultimax 1000 & 2000 Hydraulic Fluids                                          Rapid Energy Services drilling

Bio-Ultimax 1000 SAE 10W40 Hydraulic Fluid                                    in the Gulf of Mexico

Bio-Ultimax 1500 Dielectric Hydraulic Fluid ISO 22-32-46-68             using Bio-Ultimax 1000

Bio-Hydraulic Fluid ISO 32-68

Bio-AW Turbine R & O Fluids

Bio-E.P Gear Oils

Bio-E.P Press Oils                         Our products can be used in many

Bio-Gearhead Oil                                 different industrial applications

Bio-Air Compressor Fluid AC-30

Bio-Vacuum Pump Oil

Bio-Metal Cool GP

Bio-Metal Cool HD

Bio-Aluminum Cutting Oil

Bio-Aluminum Cutting Oil FG 4 18 cSt

Bio-General Purpose Cut ISO 30-40

Bio-Heavy Duty Cutting Oil

Bio-Mist EP Cutting Oil

Bio-Multi Purpose Cutting ISO- 32, 46, 68

Bio-Syntra & SynXtra MW

Bio-Syntra LM Honing and Cutting Oil

Heavy and Extra Heavy S Cut

Bio-Slide Way Lubricants

Bio-Air Tool Lubricant ISO 22, 32

Bio-Assembly Oils

Bio-Corrosion Inhibitor BCI Products

Bio-Corrosion Inhibitor BCI Summary Sheet   

Bio-HVO ISO 46 68 FR Hydraulic Fluids

Bio-HVO2- ISO 46 68 FR Hydraulic Fluids

Bio-STX Hydraulic Fluids ISO 68

Bio-AWAL Hydraulic Press Oils

Bio MIL-PRF-32073 Hydraulic Fluid

Bio-Process Oils

Bio-Drip Oils

Bio-High Temperature Oven Lubricant ISO 68 100 150 220

Bio-Graphite E.P. Grease NLGI 1

Bio-High Temp 180 E.P. Grease NLGI-2

Maxx-Life HT 220 High Temperature Multipurpose Grease

Maxx-Life HT 220-600 Grease

Maxx-Life HT 600 High Temperature Heavy Duty Grease

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