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Bio-Penetrating Lubricant (BPL)

Replace your old mineral oil-based lubricants with our BPL, a new powerful green replacement for WD-40 and LPS. BPL works better than its older counterparts and is safe for the environment. BPL also improves working conditions as it is essentially odourless and is safer to use. BPL is even safe to use around electronics as it provides a high dielectric insulating layer of lubrication. We can also provide BPL with additional properties for when you need a more tacky substance for additional protection against corrosion or in a more penetrating form to provided additional lubrication in high speed or extreme pressure situations, even a combination of these two properties if that is what is needed. We also have a Food Grade BPL that is food safe, passing the NSF H1, H2 certification process.

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